Monitoring DNS

Monitoring your DNS records automatically is made easy with ZoneWatcher. After you've added your account credentials, we will automatically import all of your domains and begin monitoring them for changes.

Generating your Bunny API Token

To get started adding your account, you'll first want to retreive your API token on dashboard. We use this token to automatically fetch the domains and associated DNS records. API Token Generation

Creating your DNS Provider

Once you've retrieved your API token, you can create your new DNS provider on ZoneWatcher by giving it a descriptive name and pasting the token into the API token field. Provider Setup

Monitoring Your Zones

After you've created your DNS provider, we will sync all the zones associated with your account and their associated DNS records. You'll be able to view them from either the Provider's page or the Zone Dashboard.

Supported Record Types

Our DNS integration currently monitors the following record types:

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