ZoneWatcher: Enhancing DNS Management for Busy Managed Service Providers

As an MSP, managing your clients’ DNS records is a critical task. Changes to DNS settings can impact website availability, email delivery, and overall network performance. Enter ZoneWatcher, a powerful tool designed specifically for MSPs to streamline DNS monitoring, backup, and change alerting. Let’s explore why it's indispensable for MSPs.

1. Real-Time DNS Change Alerts

Problem: Traditional methods of monitoring DNS changes often rely on manual checks or sporadic notifications. By the time you discover a DNS alteration, it might have already caused disruptions.

Solution: ZoneWatcher provides real-time alerts the moment any DNS record changes occur. Whether it’s an accidental update, a malicious alteration, or a routine maintenance change, you’ll know instantly. Say goodbye to upset clients reporting issues—they’ll appreciate your proactive approach.

2. Full Backup and History Tracking

Problem: Digging through old emails or outdated documentation to find prior DNS values is time-consuming and error-prone. New team members may struggle to identify the correct records.

Solution: With ZoneWatcher, you have a complete backup of all DNS records. When changes occur, review the historical data to pinpoint the correct values needed for resolution. No more guessing or frantic searches—just efficient problem-solving.

3. Direct Integrations with DNS Providers

Problem: Manually entering DNS records can lead to mistakes. Plus, managing multiple domains across various providers is cumbersome.

Solution: ZoneWatcher directly integrates with your DNS provider’s API. It discovers all your domains and records automatically. No more manual data entry—focus on managing your clients’ needs.

4. Proactive Notifications via Multiple Channels

Problem: Relying solely on email notifications can be limiting. Different teams prefer different communication tools.

Solution: ZoneWatcher supports notifications via email, Slack, Teams, and Discord. Customize alerts based on your team’s preferences. Stay informed without drowning in unnecessary noise.

5. Domain Registration Monitoring

Problem: Domains expiring unnoticed can lead to chaos. Clients may lose access to critical services.

Solution: ZoneWatcher monitors WHOIS records for domain expiration. Receive timely alerts, so you can renew domains before it’s too late. Keep your clients’ online presence intact.

6. Easy Exports and Maintenance Windows

Problem: Transferring DNS records between providers or creating backups should be hassle-free.

Solution: Export DNS records to Bind Zone files or CSV formats. Additionally, use maintenance windows to temporarily snooze alerts during planned changes. Your monitoring continues quietly, and notifications resume afterward.


ZoneWatcher empowers MSPs to be proactive, efficient, and reliable in managing DNS records. Whether you’re handling a handful of domains or hundreds, this tool ensures smooth operations, reduces downtime, and enhances client satisfaction. Start your free trial today and experience the difference!

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